Why Couldn’t We See The Tears Of The Clown?

Why Couldn’t We See The Tears Of The Clown?

Every Thursday starting in the fall of 1978, I had one thing on my mind: Mork and Mindy was on tonight!  I often used television as an escape from a not very happy childhood, and the wild and unpredictable humor of Robin Williams was cathartic.  When he started making movies, I did everything I could to see them all.

Robin Williams soon became one of the most-recognized comedians in the world, on…

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One of the better writers I have ever read, trying to capture what people in Montana are like.

Why Should People On Welfare Be Allowed To Vote?

Why Should People On Welfare Be Allowed To Vote?

I saw something on Facebook a while back that got me thinking.  At first I was completely behind it, as it was talking about ways to reform public assistance.  It talked about taking most everything but basic staples off of food stamp programs.  If you wanted things like “steak and frozen pizza” you had to get a job.  It also talked about mandatory birth control and drug testing if you wanted to…

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Losing Weight Is A Heavy Burden

Losing Weight Is A Heavy Burden

More than one-third of U.S. adults (34.9%) are obese.  Additionally, almost twice as many women as men who are not overweight think that they are. 25.3% of men and 47.9% of women defined as within their normal weight range think they weigh too much.  Whether it’s actually needed or not, that equals a whole lot of people with weight concerns.

Sadly, even when we know better, changing for the…

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Incorrectly Politically Correct…Again.

Incorrectly Politically Correct…Again.

Recently, a long standing philanthropic event at Dartmouth College was cancelled because one student chose to portray itas “the Americanization of Cinco de Mayo and its construction as a drinking holiday in the United States”.  It doesn’t matter that Cinco de Mayo was not mentioned anywhere in the event.  Or that it wasn’t even happening in May.  Or that no alcohol was actually being served at…

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Why can’t fathers take more time for their family?

Why can’t fathers take more time for their family?

In 1993, the Family Medical Leave Act was passed, primarily to allow mothers to take time off from work to have children without losing their jobs.  But the wording of the act also allowed a rather revolutionary idea: fathers could take time off for the birth of their children as well.  At the time, some fathers were already allowed this opportunity but is wasn’t exactly encouraged.

Since this…

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Why Is Tom Brady Considered Great?

Why Is Tom Brady Considered Great?

To stay relevant in the offseason, nfl.com does a lot of fun things to keep fans checking things out.  Right now they are using the bracket idea of your March Madnessoffice pool to create a tiered survey as to who the fans think the best quarterback of all time is.  This subject creates a lot of argument among fans, some bandwagoning on the newest thing, some taking a more historical perspective.…

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Why are single moms being painted as villains?

Why are single moms being painted as villains?

In 2012, there were 24,725,000 single parent families in the United States.  That accounts for 35% of the families. The vast majority of those families are headed by mom, as nearly one in three children in this country live without a father.  While it is not requisite to have a male figure in children’s lives, statistics bear out that life is more difficult for these kids.

Boys without fathers…

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My Long Relationship With Cancer

My Long Relationship With Cancer

Cancer is probably the worst thing a person can experience.  Most people are lucky enough not to know someone with cancer.  I, unfortunately, am not one of them.

I was ten years old when my cousin, Michael, died of cancer, specifically a mass in his brain.  He went from being a very active teen to being bed ridden in just a few months.  After several painful and body wasting treatments, he…

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